YZ/WR Graphics

I have a 99 WR with a stock tank and seat. I had heard that the tank shrouds on the two bikes are identical (is this true?) and I was wondering if it was possible to put YZ graphics on the stock WR. Some companys make seperate graphics kits, but it is sure easier to find YZ stuff. Anybody? Thanks.

Nope, I tried it. No workie.

Shroud graphics work fine, but the tank on a WR is taller and had more distance from the shrouds to the seat. . . Get the WR graphics, they will fit the tank too. Also you'll need WR seat covers, YZ style is narrower.

I used Fox 100% graphics just on the shrouds. The rest I tossed. .


'00 WR, YZ modified and MX-Tech suspension;now if I could just ride it.

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