Ordered my dvp needle using part no. 5be-14916-dp the shop said I was crazy,

I told the shop the micro film was wrong they said I was nuts. So I paid in full up front and they said no matter what comes it's mine...

Nice guys last time I buy from them....

Seeing is believing.

Can the shop guy explain the difference between 5BE-14916-DP and 5JG-14916-DP?

They are BOTH listed as DVP.

Tell him to look in the SERVICE MANUAL for the YZ426. It lists the correct part numbers and labels under the optional needles in the tuning section. The 5JG is a DKP.

My local parts department also found it hard to believe they were wrong.

But after calling up Yamaha, the techies at Yamaha said that the Microphiche was wrong and they will fix it. That was about 4 months ago.

Looks like it is still wrong.

I thank you guy's for all your help, and I can't wait to get my needle and try it out.....

Thanks again


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