Fuel screw adjustment

I changed my pilot jet to a 45 from the 42. With the bike running(idling), I was able to completely close the pilot screw and the bike continued to run. Why? Where is the fuel coming from at idle? I can believe it was pulling enough fuel through the main past the needle while the slide was closed to run, can it?

I did the same thing and had been running a #45 for about 1/2 a year. Then I installed a Kouba T-handle and was following the directions on how to properly adjust your fuel screw. It said if you could turn the fuel screw all the way in with no change in RPM then drop your PJ down. I also fouled a plug a couple of weeks ago. I dropped back down to a #42 with no problems. Bike runs great now. Do a search on Kouba to find the full story. (And thanks again to NHKevin for all the leg work!) :)

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