Is this normal?


It seems to be weeping a little oil and its noticable when riding in dusty conditions,

'07 TE 450 with 300 miles.

This is my forst 4 stroke and don't know if this is the norm.

Slightly excessive but fairly typical.

Mine weeped even worse than that - then I finally listened to Sharpie1 and carefully backed out the 8mm bolts on the water pump each in turn and put a little oil resistant RTV on each, torqued it back down then moved on to the next. Did the same to to cam adjuster (just the 8mm bolts - don't screw up your cam chain adjustment following my bad instructions). No more weeping (from there at least).

Also white assembly grease melting out from behind wp. Later George

:thumbsup: Thanks for the replies.

If it keeps up or gets worse I'll put some rtv but at this point I'm ok with it.

WASH IT:busted: :thumbsup: Just kidding:excuseme:

LOL, it's as clean as a whistle right now. I filled the neighbors pool up with kerosene and dropped it in.

Thats nothin'. You should see my Rekluse gasket area after a dusty ride!:thumbsup:

I have a similar problem but not quite as bad.


The pic kinda makes it look worse than it was. That's after a weekend that consisted of 130 miles.

Oil leaks are very annoying! I had the same problem on my 05' TE510. I finally pulled the cover and discovered one of the o-rings was pinched when assembled at the factory. It's pretty tricky to get the o-rings to line up and seat just right when installing the cover. Take extra care when replacing these o-rings. I can see how easy it would be to pinch an o-ring during installation. Dry as a "popcorn fart" ever since.

Your pic shows the chain tensioner cover to be a little wet as well. Same here. I replaced the gasket and gooped it real good with some Permatex Aviation sealant. No more wetness since.

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