header problems

I need to know if i can use an after market header on my stock muffler. The reason im asking is that my radiator lowering kit wont work with my stocker because its all :thumbsup: up and wont clear it. If someone has some pictures of the kit with diffrent header it would be helpful also. i know this issuse has been addressed be for i just can't find the answer in other threads. thankyou for help

If you have an 07 YZ250F, the radiator lowering kit won't work with it. It only works on an 06. That said, most aftermarket headers fit with the stock silencer. Some don't, but they say that on their websites. However, unless your stock one is bent up, an aftermarket one won't really help much as most of the aftermarket headers made for the YZ250F do not hang down any lower than the stock one.

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