600r valve cover gasket

Got a 92XR600 That I rebuilt and it runs great.I just cant stop the valve cover from leaking on it.Leaks on left hand side exhaust area.Can I use some black RTV along with the stock metel gasket to stop it from leaking?Or any other tips.Thanks guys

I have a '93 and it was leaking in the exact same area.. Not a bad leak, but enough to collect dust after a ride. I am running the metal Honda gasket. When I go back together with my motor, I am going to use 3M adhesive (black) to make sure it is sealed up. Be careful that you don't use too much. One day you will have to remove it and if it is glued too well, you will have a tough time getting it out.

I have successfully fixed a leaking cover and reused the OEM metal gasket by cleaning it thoroughly with acetone and applying a THIN coat of Ultra Copper RTV to both sides. Before installing, inspect the gasket mating surfaces on the cover and the head for nicks.

A very light coat of silicone has worked for me as well. Be sure that whatever you use can take the heat. I expect that area to reach as high as 500F so get something rated for that temp or higher.

Be very careful with the silicone on a bike. The last thing you want to happen is for some extra that is squeezed out on the inside of the engine to break off. It will get into the oil and can get stuck inside an oil passage. That can kill your engine.

If this doesn't work, there may be damage to the gasket surfaces. This can be fixes with some very fine sandpaper. Glue a sheet of sandpaper to something really flat like glass or some machined metal surface. Remove the locating pins and gently rub the gasket surface over sandpaper. To do the head casting the valves have to come out. Mine leaks pretty badly and I have not been able to stop it. I'll be trying this method when I tear into my engine shortly.

awesome advice cleonard. :thumbsup: I am having this exact same issue on my XR600r. Mine didnt have the metal gasket though, some aftermarket one. HAHA, and the Honda dealer wants $38.00 for another after market one. pfft, i don't think so guys! I guess Ill be using Form-a-Gasket. haha, I have found this awesome product that supposedly fixes leaks. It did NOT work on mine but I beleive that is due to the massive gap I have, one of the dang valve cover bolts stripped at the front left corner and with it stripped i believe the aluminum head cover is flexing under the pressure that is put on it from the valves. this is the stuff though, i found it at my local tractor repair.


Forms a durable rubber barrier that stops leaks in minutes without part removal. Many auto, home, shop, garage, farm, marine and industrial uses. The Sprayable Sealer™ eliminates the need for liquid additive sealers. Resists common shop fluids. Level 3*

Suggested Applications: Engine and transmission leaks, cooling systems, plumbing, masonry, wood, plastics, glass, PVC

You can also effect a semi-permanent repair by cleaning the leak area thoroughly with acetone and applying a fairly thick "patch" coating of RTV around the leaky area. I have had these last for quite a long while.

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