Sproket removal guide

i know this must sound EXTREMELY stupid, but could some1 write me a guide on how to remove/install sprokets. and if i used diffrent sprokets than are on the bike will i be able to use same size chain?

1. Bend tab on the lock washer on the front sprocket nut so that the nut can turn

2. While someone holds the back break on, use a wrench (an air wrench works very well) to loosen the front sprocket nut

3. Remove masterlink clip on the chain and slide the masterlink out

4. Take the chain off, now you can take the front sprocket off

5. Take the back wheel off

6. Unbolt the rear sprocket

7. Put everything back together in the opposite order with new components

If you are only changing the rear sprocket you can disreguard steps 1-4

If you want to change the number of teeth on a sprocket you will have to shorten the chain (if you are going with less teeth) or get a longer chain (if you are going with more teeth). If you are only changing 1 tooth you might be able to keep your chain how it is and just move the adjusters.

Well, this is how I do the rear wheel, might be a little weird but whatever.

Ok, so I sit on the wheel, like it's rolling on the ground, get the right size closed end wrench and allen wrench.

Hold the allen wrench in the allen socket, and use the closed end to break the "stiction", once it's broken, twist it off using the allen wrench.

Make sure when you put it on to go in a criss-cross pattern so it goes on flat.

i was trying to take off the sproket bolts tonight and what a :thumbsup:

2 of the bolts loosened enough so i could hold one side with allen wrench and take the bolt off

the other 2... i did exactly what i did on the other bolts and the last 2 just stripped up. i had to stop so it wouldnt get really bad.

idk what happened but im pissed!

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