fork oil height xr 400

I was told that if I lower the fork oil to 140 MM I can soften the forks. Isn't there a cheap tool to measure the height . Where can I get one what is it called? THANKS

It's called a "BEAKER"

Look in a parts store or the like.

Some dirt bike stores have them for mixing 2 stroke oil.

It's called a "BEAKER"

Look in a parts store or the like.

Some dirt bike stores have them for mixing 2 stroke oil.

Beaker measures volume, what he wants is something to measure the height of the oil from the top of the forks.

What I did (I think the idea came from Trailryder42, or Rockjockey, can't remember who), take a turkey baster, put a piece of fuel line on the end of it, mark the height as the distance from the end, and I put a big flat washer on it for a measuring point (washer has to be bigger than the forks).

Put the washer on the top of the fork tubes, put the fuel line through it (to the height that you want to go), and suck the excess oil out.

why would want to soften the forks when they are too soft to begin with?

i bought the motion pro tool...way simple, and way easy to use/read. Well worth the $$$ I spent on it. (Unlike the piston wrist pin puller....completely useless in my opinion!)

The height of the oil doesn't have anything to do with the damping of the forks or making them softer. Dropping your oil level will just increase the air space at the top of the forks, which effects how the forks bottom out on hard hits.

But here's a pic of the tool to make anyway.


Actually the final stages of travel can be adjust by varying the fluid level. Check your owners manual for instructions.

Kragen also has a syringe if you want to get more high tech than a turkey baster. It sells for about $7. Add some line, I use a zip tie that I slide up and down and you are in business.

thanks for the info .. So the distance 140mm is really the distance from the top until the oil begins do you leave the spring in when measuring ? Will it not effect how stiff the forks feel? what can I do aside from changing springs ? thanks


Measure the level with the springs out and the fork completely collapsed.

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