Whats your worst wreck?

Heres a pic from when i wrecked. My little brother pulled in front of me when i was in a 4th gear wheelie.apr180003.jpg

Any broken bones?

Um that looks... painful.

I come off late last year in a 3rd gear stepdown when I hit a stick at the top. Had Christmas in hospital. Broke both of my wrists. AND yes it was difficult to "wipe my ass".

Here's me on christmas eve with a swolen jaw and two broken wrists.


well, I dont have any pics of it, but I have a story...

I came home after my 1st day of exams my Freshman year (I'll be a Senior this year). It had been raining all day so I thought it would be a perfect day. I warmed up by riding up and down the powerlines and on the trails behind our house after about a hour I decided I want something a little bit different, so I went to the end of our road crossed over to another neighborhood and went down some trails that run next to a state highway, this was only the 2nd or 3rd time Id been on these trails so I didnt know a whole lot about them. These trails where worn down by ATVs and any NC riders prob. know what red clay is like when its wet, slick as ice right? Anyway, I came up to a little off-camber section and took the high side around a tree stump then I can remeber much except for sitting on the ground and my leg hurting really bad, when I looked at it, my leg had slid under the bark buster and the between the clutch and handlebar! Now to make matters worse I was by myself, but luckily these trails where in a section of woods that are about 100 yards between Highway 109 and some houses. I heard a chainsaw and when it stopped I call for help, he guy came down there on his 4-wheeler and let me use his cell phone to call my mom. She works about 15 minutes away but those where the longest 15 minutes ever. When she got there we decided to call 911 and they took me to the hospital. I had to spend the night because they didnt know if they needed to put a pin in my leg or not but they didnt.

Anyway, sorry I dont have any pics...

i haven't taken any big diggers yet so i'm freaked! i so have it coming for me, clearing doubles on trail bikes? oh yeah, i'm in for it

Heres a pic from when i wrecked. My little brother pulled in front of me when i was in a 4th gear wheelie.apr180003.jpg

thats nasty dude! similar thing to me falling off my horse. cept, not as big...

Doing natural jumps out in the dunes. Found a pretty good size step up. I was running knobbies because the surrounding desert was hard pack, and it was harder for me to judge speed with out a paddle. Hit the step up in 4th gear half throttle, when i should have dont it in 4th pinned. Woke up on top of the dune with the bike a few feet ahead of me. Now i can remember the dismount, but thats it, not hitting the ground or anything. Through i broke my ancle. Looking back, i wish it would have been my ancle, it would have been healed by now. I couldn't stand up. They could tell i broke something. They picked my bike up, got it started, got me up, and put it in gear and i road back to the truck, drove home, and got a ride to the hospital. The pictures speak for them selfs.

Pic One

Pic Two

have to have them a total of 12 weeks. only 5 to go :thumbsup:

clearing doubles on trail bikes?

LOL I would worry about that. Ive raced MX on my 200EXC

Somewhere a couple of years ago Shane Watts raced a MX race with a 200EXC (with the headlight) and the turned around and race a Hare Scramble on a 125SX!

Worst wreck? Street bike no doubt. This was the day after and the leg was just starting to swell and turn black. Oh hell yeah, that sucked. Was 4 months before I could squat down and get something off the bottom shelf.


Let's see I don't have pictures of either but both hurt!

First big one was about 1 month after I bought my first bike and started riding placed in the middle of the desert near Cameron Arizona. I was speeding down a desert road on my KDX in 5th pinned (about 55mph) when this ditch appeared. I didn't have any time to brake and I hit dead on and endoed. I remember flying through the air hoping to god I don't break anything, it was a horrible feeling. The guy behind me later told me that he saw my bike about 10 feet off the ground and me about 15 feet above my bike. :thumbsup: I flew about 50ft and landed on my back. I bruised 3 vertebra, sprained 1 wrist, road rashed my back, knocked the wind out of my and some other little bumps and bruises. It hurt! I ended up having to ride another 80 miles that day, never have I ever had a ride that difficult, for the next week or so I could hardly move. Twas not fun...

Another day about 2 months ago I was riding my KDX through the woods and came upon a log in the path. I jumped the log and when the front tire landed, it landed on a rock that was planted in the ground which caused the front to wash out. I once again endoed but this time I flew right into a tree and the bike smashed into me. I wish I had a picture of my leg, it was swollen to about twice the normal size (due to hitting the tree dead on) and my hip was split open (I think from the bike hitting me). The guy who was following me seriously thought that I had killed myself, he said that in his 30 years of riding that it was one of the scariest crashes he's seen. I had to ride out of the woods that day and what a bitch it was because I couldn't move my left leg at all. I limped around for a long time after that...

I was racing arenacross winter 05. A went into a bowl turn and block passed this guy, then I hit a double right out of the corner. Once I got in the air I saw about 3 people wrecked on the other side. I landed and ran into a kid wrecked but I stayed up. I went around him and then someone ran into the back of me. I fell over and my hand went into the front wheel. I got drug about 10 feet, got up and picked up my bike, but my throttle was broke and the race was being red flaged, so I took my glove off and there was blood every where. The medics looked at and we went to the hospital. I had to have surgery and ended up with 3 crushed fingers, tore up the tendon in my middle finger and had to get a pin put in, and I cut off the end of my finger. I don't have a picture but I'll get one tomorrow.

Well, my worst so far was a sprained wrist. (This is still my first year of riding, so I'm no going totally crazy....yet) I was doing the Bar Trail (Those of you who go riding in Rampart Range in Colorado... yeah. If you don't, it's this awesome intermediate trial) Half way down it, I was cruising along in 3rd or 2nd (Honda CRF 150 F model) And I hit a rock in the middle of the trail. :thumbsup: I then somehow get smacked over to the right side of the trail *where the bank up is, thank God* Then, the bike basically bounces off of the wall... and throws me against a rock on the left side of the trail. My head hits the rock very hard, and I jam my wrist into the rock also. That's my worst so far....

my worst one was a sprained left knee. i hit a jump out at ocotillo wells and landed in a wheelie and swooped back and hit my knee real hard.i just had to wear a brace for 3 weeks or so. so far im glad nothing to bad has happened to me from riding dirtbikes but in this sport you have to be expecting to fall and get hurt a few times. :thumbsup:

Well, so far i've had 3 big wrecks, and one small twist.

I December (I think), i looped out on my 125, put my right hand out and ended up with a broken radius... Not fun but i did get to use a lap top in school to write everything down.....

About a month ago hit this triple that was in the middle of the woods on this track.... Went off the face and landed with my front wheel in the 2nd landing....My helmet slid up, exposed my mouth and smacked it on the stabilizer knocking some teeth loose and coming quite close to knocking myself out, i think..... I don't remember much after that but my dad said i was saying stupid shit like whats for dinner tonight..... Again, not fun...

About 2 weeks ago i was on this track that was all sand, and every jump was under 20ft (NJORVP).... So i was going around and hit this step up-ish jump... I threw out a whip i couldn't bring back in and landed sideways... My rear end started flopping back and forth until i steered off the track.... Immediately felt a sharp pain in my leg, couldn't walk for 3 days... Went to the doctor and he told me i sprained my ACL, stay off the bike for 2 weeks, yadadada....

So now that the 2 weeks is up i went to the local (public) track... Now, keep in mind the whole track is made of bank run with a coating of dust.. I get there and immediately know i need a new tire because when practicing my starts i would hit 6th gear in under 30ft. But this doesn't stop me, nope! I am hitting this turn, coming out in third gear pinned the bike starts to sway and all the sudden i get high sided... Foot got hooked on the bars and the bike pinned my foot... This felt worse then breaking my arm, got up yelling my head off, but no one heard me because i was all alone :thumbsup:

Got home, assessed the situation and realized i need a new set of boots and that i could quite possibly have broken something... So the next day i went to my chiropractor ( treats all of my injuries) and he tells me i came close to breaking a bone (don't remember the name) in my right foot. But it twas nothing but a severe sprain.... Thank you lord, :thumbsup: , i did not want to spend 4th of july with a broken foot. Casts= Not Fun. I'm getting around my house on a office chair, Now i know why we got hardwood floors!

Flipped my bike over on my back going down a hill in Stoddard Wells.



This definitely wasn't my worst. But it was a doozy. I was lucky. I got a concussion no broken bones.


My worst was when I came off a step down and right before I left the lip a guy tagged my rear tire while I was in first and caused me to endo and brake my collar bone. I have also broken my wrist off a 70 double. I cased it and it broke my wrist on impact. I rolled off my bike.

I busted my cheek, nose, chin, teeth, brain hemorrhage, shoulder, elbow, knees, large intestine, stomach, spleen, kidney...A total of 12 surgeries to fix me up. I was 19 at the time (dumb ass kid) & was back on a bike within the year.


I busted my cheek, nose, chin, teeth, brain hemorrhage, shoulder, elbow, knees, large intestine, stomach, spleen, kidney...A total of 12 surgeries to fix me up. I was 19 at the time (dumb ass kid) & was back on a bike within the year.


What the **** did you do?

What the **** did you do?

Street bike...FZR400, hit a cross street that had rain gutters on each side going around 70 mph. I went air-born & thats about all I remember...:thumbsup:

My worst wreck to date happened last week. Though not as bad as those posted, it still hurts!

My bike started to fish tail when I was going over some whoops. My bike is unhurt, but I broke my left thumb. Yea, I'm left handed.



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