How often should I change the spark plug?

title says it all. I have an 05' with 100+ hours on it. Doing a new top end this week. Should i put a new plug in?



Oh, i guess i should also ask... if i do change it, does anybody have suggestions for a replacement?

Thanks again,


if you do replace it, replace it with the same plug... I know for the 06 and up it is the high quality NGK Iridium one...

Anyways, just measure the gap, if it is still smaller than the limit use it... (when spark plugs wear, the gap increases)... I had 160 hrs on my 06 and was still on the original plug...

yea, for sure change it when you do the top end, just to get all fresh parts in it.

i also changed the plug every 3-4 months on my '04 just to keep it going good. on my '07 i dont tho cuz the plugs cost $30, the ones for the '04 only cost $12

05 has iridium to, i change every rebuild they last a long time

does anyone have a plug number. OEM has 2 numbers. Not sure which to use.



i give my 06 one per rebuild

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