Here is a little something to think about...

When our forefathers set out to fight for this thing we now enjoy called "Freedom"

They had no idea what they would be facing or how long it would take to achieve the goal...

When you put the hot dogs on the grill tomorrow or flip the burgers; a little thank you for all they endured would be a good thing...

You see, they didn't have the resources that are even available to someone that makes minimum wage at Burger King now days... The financial and emotional burden they and their families faced was devastating.

I am so thankful for all that was done and all that is being done right now. Trying to summarize it with words really cheapens the true impact of how I feel.

I was trying to explain what tomorrow means and how it came around to my 6yr old daughter. There is no way to keep it simple and yet still relay the importance of what it means to have a day like The Fourth of July.

Here is a little thing I found that I thought I'd share... It's not about the Fourth of July.

It's more related to the sacrifice that was made to preserve what we have today... I think about the Men and Women that are on the other side of the Pond today and though they face the hardest task of their lives, they didn't have to face what my father and the Men and Women of that time faced.

That time was never really understood and those brave men and women did get the welcome they deserved. Let's honor the memory of everyone that gave their time and fought so we could be safe. Tomorrow share your good fortune with the ones you love.

nice choice of words race.

i will..I WILL!

video brought a tear to my eye.

p.s.-why isnt this in the general forum ?????

or, the off topic forum....

Honestly... I didn't even think about that... I've never checked those sections...

I am glad it is here. I would not have seen it in another forum. Makes you think...

I can't talk about it, I get pissed off...

Nice thoughts on this day. :thumbsup:

Maybe some of the ungratefull will think about the sacrifices made that have made us a "free & independant state." There are many trying their best to undo what our founding fathers have done. :thumbsup:


Nice post.................

Happy 4th of July everybody.

Good luck and ride safely.


Nice post.................

Happy 4th of July everybody.

Good luck and ride safely.

you said it, happy 4th people! :thumbsup: sucks its raining like hell for me though :thumbsup:

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