Bike won't roll when in gear..

I'm hoping this may simply be a clutch adjustment...

When my bike is in gear, with the clutch pulled in, I can't get it to roll. I rock it back and forth, but that rear tire stays locked. It goes in and out of gear with ease and moves freely when in neutral.

I just moved it this morning and noticed this so I haven't even experimented in solving the problem yet.


99WR,WR timing,throttle stop removed,Uni filter,E-Series pipe,carbon air box,Pro Tapers,lights removed,YZ tank,13 tooth sprocket

Scott: Have you adjusted your clutch lever free play according to the manual? The typical setup ahs been to adjust the clutch free play so that you can juuuuust slip a nickel in between the lever and perch. When the engine is cold, it's normal for the clutch to be reluctant to release as you described. Even if you do get it to release by rocking it back and forth, you will still notice a definite drag when trying to roll the bike in gear with the clutch pulled in. I doubt you have a problem with the clutch. Sounds pretty normal to me, although, you have struck my curiosity and I will try it when I get home from work this evening.


It seems I remember another guy posing the same question. When he tried the same drill with the bike warmed up he could roll it easily. The dry clutch was not slipping as it should, but a warm bike and oiled plates allowed it to roll.

Warm the beast up and try again.

Hope this is it…


I had the same problem with my WR400. When I noticed this problem we were having cold weather and the bike had not been started for two weeks I had just changed the front sprocket and that when I noticed the problem that I could not move the bike in gear , I thought it was something I done but while changing the sprocket , but it must have been due to the bike being cold and the fact that the engine had not been started for a while because when I started the bike everything was o.k .


you are correct the oil squeezes out of the clutch pack when setting for a period of time and in cold weather the pack locks up. You need to start the bike warm it up and if you clutch is adjusted correctly it should be fine. My Husabergs were also very suseptable to this.


Good enough. Thanks for the replies. I'll check it warm. I first have to get the carb slide from Sudco and carb put back together. :)

ditto clark

if still struggling ref. below

winde your cluth adjustment to no slack at all while you free it off. you want those plates to be as loose as possible. keep the bike on the stand WITH THE REAR WHEEL OFF THE FLOOR-pull in the clutch then, probably with a huge clunk, kick it into gear.


When I finally got my bike put back together, I started it ran around the block, killed it, and then tried to roll it in gear. It rolled fine. :)

Thanks again for the replies.

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