1983 XR80 Carb problems (maybe)?

Okay, I have an 83' xr80 that hasn't been cranked in 3 years. Here is a list of things that I have done to the bike:

New Air Filter

Cleaned the main jet (can see through it)

New slow jet

New float

Let Carb soak for 3 days, blew everything out with the air compressor

Changed engine oil

Okay, here is the problem I'm having:

Bike starts fine.

Bike won't idle right. Idles high, I adjust it, pump the gas, then idles to high again. Then I adjust again and it idles to low!:thumbsup:

Then when I'm riding, it will ride okay at very low rpm, but if I give it just a little to much throttle it will bog, but not shut off. can anyone help :thumbsup:

can anyone help me?

You sure you aren't mixing up the mixture and idle speed scews?

which is which? :thumbsup:

The speed is on the centerline of the slide. The mixture screw is on the airbox side of the slide. It should be lightly bottomed then backed out about 1 1/2 turns to get it going then adjusted as required.

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