My new Pitster Pro x4

Hello all,

Just got my X4 yesterday...

Too much rain to ride, so I spent a few hours going over the bike and using loctite on all the bolts.

Nice bike! Quality is much better than my previous Chinese bike.

Rockin out with the KX65 plastics and old Team Chevy Trucks graphics (remember them?)

Props to Mark at AHP for a nice deal and good shipping on the bike!





Looks great. And love the graphics.

That does look really good. :thumbsup:

I have a set of those graphics here as well ... Cannot wait to put them on one of my replica bikes :thumbsup: Your bike is trick man, enjoy !


A couple of guys downat my track had x4r's and they look really good and seemed to ride well to.

Im looking into getting a x4

just put one together today.great bike but one thing i noticed when assembling it was the compresion adjuster was hitting the edge of the rear fender.i just cut a notch out of the fender so that it would clear.

Sweet bike!

your x4 looks awesome, im gettin a black x4 soon and im gettin monster graphics, and green rims

I want one too ! SGR edition

Sweet bike!

how would u rate pitster r they great bikes or r u dissapionted?

pister is one of the best you can get, check out their site

were r u located in ny

me, im in ulster county, you?

that thing is sweet i,m gona get some off them for mine

pister is one of the best you can get, check out their site

they alrite from wat if heard but if u got the money as far as quilty goes nothin beats the proper imports

i.e honda, kawi, suzuki, yammy

but thats just my 2 cents

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