Jerico Littrell, 29, Dies

On June 1st Jerico Littrell passed away from a riding accident he had at Daniels Ridge MX track.

On May 13, Jerico Littrell had a very serious accident on the same step-up that Dalton Johnson wrecked on at Daniels Ridge MX in Taylorsville, NC. Jerico was a very experienced rider and always put safety first. However, he cleared the step-up but got caught in an old fashioned endo and landed face first into hard packed dirt. I have seen him hit this same jump countless times before and always landed it without any problems.

We hardly had any cell reception but we finally got through to 911 and they airlifted him to Carolina Medical Center. He completely separated his shoulder, broke ribs, punctured his lung and has severe brain trauma. On

June 1st Jerico passed away do to his brain injuries.

Jerico was self-employed and his wife stays at home with their 1 year old baby daughter. He is/was only 28 years old. His family live in Missouri and his wife's live in Iowa so they don't have a lot of local support other than their church and friends.

I am asking for everyone out there in the motocross world and everyone else to pray for Jerico's family. Anything that can be done would be great.

Thank you!


Sincerest condolences and sympathy.

Very sorry to hear about your friend.

Sorry for your loss Jimmy. Prayers for his family. God-speed Jerico! Rest in peace.


I am sorry for the loss of your friend Jerico. Please let me know if I may be of some assistance to his family. You may PM me and I will be happy to contact his wife. Hang iin there and may you be blessed for your efforts to assist this "fallen rider."

In Sympathy,

Mike Berg


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