Turn signals won't blink??

Ok on my S model that I bought, the turn signals won't flash. It has the flasher mod done to it that uses the heavy duty flasher from auto parts store. They just stay on. No flash. THe front flashers were disconnected for a few weeks and the flashers were used, which shorted out the main fuse. There was a bit of heat damage to the wiring to the flashers. But I taped it up pretty good. Any clue as to why they won't flash?

not sure what that mod does. If the flasher wont flash it`s usually the relay not transfering the heat (blinkers drawing currant) to the bimetal strip thus heating it up and bending (inside the relay) clicking on-off. One of two things....Blnkers not blinking (U said yours just lid up) so the only thing left is a faulty relay. I dont know the mod your are talking about but id say either the relay is faulty or connected wrong. Don`t know how to direct since im unfamilyar with the mod...I`m sure someone will post soon.


I'll get a picture of the flasher is on the bike. I'm unfamiliar with it as well. That is why I asked, I'll eventually figure it out.

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