Important Meeting this Saturday.

This Saturday, Oct 21st. Barstow Community College. 2700 Barstow Rd. Barstow. 8:00 AM.

BLM meeting in regard to the future of Galamis sand dunes and other riding areas in So. Cal. WE NEED EVERYONE TO SHOW FOR THIS ONE!!!

The greenies are making us look bad because most of us do not bother to even show up at these meetings. Let's prove them wrong.

For more info check out Go to the Lands issues/Protect your rights forum.

It doesn't matter if you trail ride or race, this concerns ALL of us. BE THERE!!


Well, I can see by the response to this post that you guy's don't give a crap either. I thought most of you were trail and desert riders. Where are you going to go ride when all of our riding areas are closed?

Pretty sad...


Hey 89'er,

Those of us in Denver care! We'd be there to support you. Thanks for posting it! You should also get something on and all the dirt bike stuff at


Originally posted by Ol'89r:

Well, I can see by the response to this post that you guy's don't give a crap either.

I care. I’m on the Glamis/ASA mailing list. You can sign up at Glamis Online.

But there’s no way I can make it to Barstow, that’s like 1,000 miles for me. I sure hope there is a good turnout of off-roaders, and I hope they can control their temper (I’m not sure if I could).

I think it is the same zealot (Jim Fish, SW Center for Biodiversity) that is suing to shut down parts of Imperial that has already put several ranchers out of business here in New Mexico with the same tactic :):D:D:D I don’t like Jim Fish.

I apologize in advance for the size but below I’ve pasted the last email update I got (10/17)

Dear Fellow Dune Enthusiast,

The Barstow Desert Advisory Council meeting is this Saturday, 10/21, at 8 am. We need everyone to

attend that possibly can. OUR REPUTATION AS A POWERFUL ENTITY IS AT STAKE - let's not drop the ball on this. Let's make this happen in a BIG way!

The meeting will be held at the Barstow Community College in the gymnasium. The College is at 2700 Barstow Road in Barstow.

Directions: I-15 North to the CA-247/BARSTOW RD exit. Turn LEFT onto CA-247. Stay straight to go onto BARSTOW RD

We are not sure how the DAC will handle this much public input. They may set a time per speaker, and/or they may put an over all cap on the time allowed for public comment. Like most things, moderation is the key. Possibly, before the meeting in the lot, we should somehow designate 10 –15 spokespeople for the group. We could fill the room and have the supporters stand when the spokesperson is speaking, but avoid having 500 speakers. Remember, some day we will be back to the DAC for support on some other issue. Consider things that some of the crowd can do outside. There is an opportunity to reach the public and the media outside of the meeting but keep it civil.

Do not allow the argument to degenerate into OHV's vs. the Environmentalists. We will loose!!! Instead, in regards to the lawsuit, focus on the fact that the Dept. Of Interior did not defend itself, how it could have, the complete disregard of due process, decades of public involvement in planning, the breach of public rust, and the millions of taxpayers dollars wasted on past planning and millions more to implement a settlement agreement that may or may not be in the public's best interest. Focus on the ways that this is an injustice for the public, not just for OHV enthusiasts. Finally, talk about the recent Milkvetch studies and present other alternatives such as small enclosures for the plant areas.

Bear in mind that our presence will not have a great impact on the current negotiations at the dunes.

We are going to:

1) Show the new state director of the BLM (Mr. Pool) how many people that Roy Denner represents

2) Show Roy our support (who is just about ready to give up because he doesn't see many of us at meetings). Roy's credibility with the BLM is at stake.

3) Get a briefing on the lawsuit trying to close the dunes directly from the BLM

4) Out number the Environmentalists (for once).

5) Comment if allowed.

It will be a long boring meeting with little or no chance for us to stand up and speak. Still, with all that in mind, we believe that it essential that we go show Mr. Pool that when a call to action is made to the off-road community, our numbers are immense. Believe me, this will send a shock wave throughout the BLM and the Environmentalist organizations alike. Up until now they have perceived us as a non-united, easily-team-rolled, no-consequence group - and rightly so.

For more info and a comment sheet, please see: Information Sheet Link


Comment Sheet Link

These files can be downloaded and printed - just "cancel" when asked for user name and password.

Try to arrive early, as the San Diego Off Road Coalition will have a booth set up so you may get handouts and a pre-meeting briefing.

Vincent J. Brunasso

Keith L. Rosewitz

Jerry R. Seaver

The American Sand Association

To Unite, Inform, and Mobilize to Keep Our Dunes OPEN

PMB 108

1911 Foothill Blvd.

La Verne, CA 91750

Thanks for posting the notice here. I saw it in Dirtrider also.

Barstow is a drive but I'm going to be there if I don't need to work. Try hard. Hopefully its productive and we have a good turnout.


Hey Ol'89r, I'll be there.

I was at one of these things a few years ago in Victorville and was badly outnumbered. I think there was something like 120 greenies and only five dirtbikers. Very sad deal. Needless to say, the land at issue that day (Twin Hills, just north of Adelanto on the 395) has since been closed.

See ya there! If it's not too windy this weekend I'm planning on riding after the meeting - anyone else?

Great news!

Good to hear some of you are coming. Jake, this started in and there is a thread there on the land issues/protect your rights page, BLM meeting. Lots of info, including schedule and directions to meeting.

See you guy's there.


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