crf250 supermoto setup.....

I have a stock crf250 after ive got wheels and tires if I just set my suspension up really stiff. Would that be an allright set up or do I need to get revalved? new to supermoto need some info? any help would be appreciated.


I'm running a '05 CRF250r in the SMUSA series this year. Load of fun. I weigh in at 220 and I get away with running the stock suspension. Set the suspension up the same as you would for running on a motocross track. I crank in a little more rebound damping to help reduce the rear wheel hop when braking hard or downshifting, but that's about it.

First place to spend your money is on a new front brake rotor and caliper. The stock rotor and caliper will not be enough. I tried the oversized 320 EBC rotor with the stock caliper. Decent power, but I got a lot of brake fade during hard races. Switched over to a Motomaster caliper (which WILL NOT work with the EBC rotor, BTW), and a Braking 320 rotor. No complaints yet.

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