2004 kx250f?

im thinkin about gettin a 2004 kx250f. is there any known problems with them? how is ths suspension and power and everything?

not really sure but i've heard there have been problems with the CDI

oh ok,im not exactly sure what that is i think i know what it is but not sure, can you explain so i have more info, but is that one of the only problems?

we have an 04 250f. CDI went out at about 200 hours. in the time that we kept it running, we went thru one crank, four pistons.seven sets of vavles and springs. we raced this bike hard for many years.most every weekend. loved this bike much. i still have this bike for parts seing how we just got an 07. i have a new CDI with one hour on it if some one needs one, make some one a nice deal if need one. will not work with my 07.

oh ok

If youre looking at buying one, make sure it has an aftermarket water pump cover with split oil filter lid.

If it still has the orriginal pump cover its quite possible earlier owners havent been that interested in maintainance...

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