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I just got home from my sons twice weekly MX training at MTF in Cairo GA. While there I got to talking with Mr. Barcia and Eric, MTF's mechanic. We got to talking about the 150R and its jetting/bogging isssues. Anyway the consensus is that for low elevations a 42 pilot jet and a 138 main jet with stock needle and leak jet is the setup that they use, and they have a winning record ie: Justin Barcia #51 and others. (by the way they are very nice folks) Also mentioned was wiring the cam to the accelerator pump as a necessity, set the air screw at 2 turns out and forget it. Also stated was that the accelerator pump covers available through the aftermarket are a waste of money and they actually do nothing, also the fancy air screw is not needed. Now I know some of you are going to say this is crap and all that. Please dont bust my chops over this, after all I could have not posted this info and kept it myself. I dare say that a drier climate (less humidity) would or could require a slightly richer setting. Good luck to all and This is a great forum for just this sort of information. To the nay sayers, you know who you are :busted::thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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