James or Clark help if you would (Jetting question)

First off my bike is TOTALLY stock '00 WR. I live at I beleive, 2200 ft. ride from there to about 5-6000 and up. I just rejetted from the stock jets PJ #42 and a MJ #165 stock to a PJ #45 and a MJ #170, needle at 4th clip from the bottom. Fuel screw out 1.5 turns.Brand new plug, CR9E The bike loves mid range and WOT. It spits and sputters at 1/4 throttle. Everything is sparkalie clean. I duel sport it so I am at 1/4 throttle A LOT. The bike runs great when I am on and off the gas when I hit the dirt or racing the engine. BUT I can't race it down the road the cops don't like that too much. Oh yeah it has the stock needle in it. (DRS?) Thank you very much guys,if you can help. I have read many of your post and you two seem to know your sh%t. No offense to anyone else on this site open opinions welcome.

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This is most likly due to a lean condition between 1/8 to 1/4 throttle.

Try your fuel screw at 2.5 turns out and see if this clears it up or makes it better?? If it makes it better go to a 48PJ and then set the fuel screw at 1.0 turns out and test if it still stumbles noticibly then increase the fuel screw opening in 1/4 turn increments until the stumbling at steady throttle settings is tollerable.

I also have run into this situation as I ride street quite a bit. Richening the pilot circuit as suggested above should help. The stock DRS needle is fairly lean on the straight section which further agravates this situation.

Good luck


... and also try the DRS in the standard #3 clip counted from top, with this process. We normally count clip positions from the top.

(DRS#4 is close to DVR#6, a rich clip setting)


Thanks guys I'll let you know. How it goes. I haven't had a chance to rip into it yet.

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