gas prefference >? premium, regular

does it make a difference on the 4 stroke 450crf ? i wasnt sure so used super primium but was it really needed ?

Yes, get the highest octane available at the pump, either 91 or 93.

You want to run 91+ octane gas, get the highest you can get at the pump... Low octane will cause detonation/pinging... What happens is the fuel will explode before the piston gets to top dead center, putting enormous stress on the piston, con rod and crank. You could blow a hole through your piston etc etc etc...

yea..getting gas with low octane means its it more likely to detonate because of the intense amount of pressure rather than ignite from the spark....i run premium 93 octane....

HaHa, I've ran regular more times than anyone should, and I must say that the bike is sluggish with regular and my motor knocks when i use it. Run premium and your fine.

Lower octane fuels are never recommended for any small engines. Plus, like stated above, you will notice a performance difference. And at 2-3 gallons at a time, you are only talking around $1 difference to fill up. IMO, it's worth it.

My CRF only gets Sunoco 94....and she loves it.

EDIT: Double Post

wow thanx , i did use high octane but didnt realize what a big deal it was..glad i asked

My CRF only gets Sunoco 94....and she loves it.

you do know it has ethanol in it right??????...sunoco is no good:prof:

I currently use Turbo Blue 100

you do know it has ethanol in it right??????...sunoco is no good:prof:

I did not know that. Thanks, looks like I will be switching to the local Marathon station. Is there a site that tells what gas is the "best" ?

as long as it does not have an ethanol sticker it's good.......citgo or bp is what i use......marathon has stp added which is not needed

ethanol attracts good.....not even for a vehicle

i use HESS and Citgo..

Correct me if Im wrong, but at least here in Massholeachusetts all the fuel has that crap in it now. Its terrible for the bikes. Im thinking of using cam2 112 out of the pump in NH.

The VP-Fuel distributor for Kentucky told me that if your not going to run race fuel that Shell V-Power was the best pump gas to run. I usually run a 50/50 blend of 110 and V-Power. Sometimes I run 110 with methonal, and some LOX fuel every once in a while if I feel like jetting/draining everythign.

I will NEVER use Citgo. Id rather just make my bike a large piece of art then give money to those people.

I believe all pump gas has ethanol in it. i believe at least in ohio they dont have to put a sticker or anything about it unless its above a certain percent. say 10% or more they have to have a sticker that makes you aware of it. below that i dont think they have to post it. i could be wrong but thats what i was told and was lead to believe when i went to an automotive college.

all gas has always had a little....1-3%......but mtbe gas is what you want and anything that is not bazell oil company "ie" sunoco, not have 10% added.....i talked to corporate guys on the phone from bp.. velero..citgo......mtbe is a ingredient in gas that comes from the fossil fuels.......its the good stuff......and if they all start adding that much cornhoilo to the all the pumps....then it's's inevitable .....greenies

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