Hey Kerry T, is our Moab movie DONE YET??!!!!

So how much longer will it take? Can't you use up more vaca and finish it up sooner than later...??? :)

It may take Kerry a little while.

First of all he claims to have a real job although no one has EVER seen him actually work. If you call him at work at 9:30 am he's not in yet. And if you call at 4:30 he's already gone. The times just don't add up. But that's not my business.

Second, he wants to put some music to the video. This coming from a guy that thinks anything but AC/DC and White Snake is girly music.

Or, maybe he'll put some of his own riffs on the film since he is quite accomplished on the guitar. (Yes I know, a computer guy that can play the guitar doesn't compute).

Thirdly, he was so impressed by our Canadian friends Cueball and Pumpkin (also known as Hoser #1 and Hoser #2) that he has been working on his new dialect and thinking about moving up nort eh? And that also takes time.

I would vote flooding him with money and e-mail and maybe he'll get motivated?


Take it easy chief! I don't even have the tapes yet. Were talking about Christmas Time here. I might make one tape that is down and dirty straight forward the film with music on it. And distribute that one out first. Then maybe make one that is with effects and more editing on it. But I'm at work. Don't bother me! And Bryan it's not just the hours you put in at work it's what you accomplish while your there! I always see you AT work but not ACTUALLY working. :)

Hey Kerry,

I know you really like his music, but you may want to get some votes on puttting all that Kenny G music on our Moab Movie.

Food for thought! :)

Kerry is more hip than that!

He likes Brittney Spears I hear?


Now that Britney "Blossomed" 2 bra sizes in the last 4 months, she looks much more grown up.

I guess she has developed naturally using "All Natural" silicone.

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