Can't start in gear w/clutch in

Just got a '02 yz250 and the cluth seems to drag. It starts in neutral but if I don't rev it alot when I put it in gear it dies. Can this be fixed by cable adjustment or is it normal?

I had the same problem with a 05 yz250F a shop told me to put the front tire to a wall so it don't go. Start the bike. Rev the bike some put in 1st gear while it is still reved up a bit Let out of the clutch. Do this 1-3 times then this should put oil in ur clutch. This mostly happens from the bike sitting around for about 2 weeks.

if you adjust the cable at the clutch to were the lever is tight against the perch it could help a little, it happened on one of my 125's but it would kind of go away after i rode a little and warmed it up

It could be that the fingers on the clutch basket or splines on the inner hub are starting to get notched. It's simple to check.

Lay the bike on it's side, take off clutch cover, look.

It could also simply be the adjustment of your cable, the lever should have just a little bit of freeplay, about a penny's width.

If the gearbox oil hasn't been changed in awhile, that could be the culprit too. :thumbsup:

My 06 was doing the same thing, I changed the oil and it still happens, but it is a lot less noticable once you warm up the engine and gearbox. Once the gearbox is hot the drag is gone and I can start in gear.

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