Pics and Vid of Haspin Acres

I went to Haspin Acres this past weekend and spent about 10 hours riding between the trails and I went on a track for the first time ever. Got afew pictures but the quality isn't too good due to my friend's lack of camera experience.

My broken down truck on the first attempt to get there after the water pump went out.


The view of the bikes (mine being the YZ) and the sunset.


The best picture of me on the track.


A short video of one of my first laps on a track.

nice pics. i really like the one with the sunset:ride:

How are the trails?

Looks like it was a blast. Nice pics.

How are the trails?

They were wet on saturday and alittle slick, but not too bad for me. My friend on the XR600 had alittle more trouble due to lots of low end, worn tires, and another 100 pounds to haul around. Things were much dryer on sunday which was good because we got kind of lost about as far away from camp as possible and had some hills bigger than we'd ever gone up to climb just to get out. I'm definitely going back again though, I really liked the longer motocross track, very good for beginners on the track like myself. The drag strip was alot of fun too, only raced afew people, but it wasn't too hard for me to win when I could get the traction.

Looks like a good time, sorry that your truck broke down

Sweet pics.

Here are acouple more pictures and videos of my friend whom I think is crazy for jumping the 600.


My slightly twisted view. You can't see it but by this point my brake lever had broken off to an inch long stub. I was still able to use it pretty well so I went with it for the rest of the weekend


A video of my friend going up one of out favorite hills. This one was much easier than those we had to go up to get out of one valley when we were lost.

that looks like a slight incline

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