Another XR650L plastics question...

Hi All

My name is Tim and I just joined the list. I have a 2002 XR650L and am looking to make some changes with it. It's currently pretty stock. I think I've read all the posts related to changing the body plastics to an aftermarket look. Many of you folks have some great ideas and opinions which I've tapped into. This is what I'm planning.

Add black Maier front supermoto fender

Add black Maier rear MX fender

Add 4 gal. tank (IMS or Clark)

Change front light shroud to ??? (I'm not sure.. any suggestions)

Either paint or cover side panels with black fusion paint or some sort of coating.

My questions are:

1) Do the Maier fenders bolt right up to the existing mounts? If not, is there a better option? I don't know of any other vendor that makes black XR650L fenders.

2) Does the black IMS/Clark gas tank kinda/sorta match the Maier black fenders?\

3) any gothas with this plan?

As you see, I'm trying to go with a theme :thumbsup:

BTW.. it's good to be with you'all



I have never purchased a Maier fender that bolted on to the bike. Usaly you need to do some drilling.

As stated above most all plastics will require some minor modification (mounting holes etc.) I did the black conversion on my XR440 (see"My Garage"). I used UFO front fender,Acerbis side panels, Polisport rear fender, and Aloop tank/shrouds. As far as black goes I think they all match in color well, be advised though that black will show any imperfections, scratches, etc very well and it does not take much to create those imperfections. Black looks cool but it is hard to keep that look.

Thanks for the replies. Hey Rockjockey.. your xr440 looks great. The point that black doesn't maintain well is taken. My Tacoma and Chevelle are black and they both show the imperfections. But it sure looks good while it lasts :thumbsup:

i used accerbis xr400 front fender and ufo crf450 rear fender. for the front i only had to use some washers to shim the fender down to clear the head pipe. the rear took a bit of plastic trimming. much better looking than stock!

You're right martinfan30... it does look good. It looks much tighter than stock. Thx

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