Flabby stomach. Help Please!

Hey everyone & Dr. Mark,

I am 17, 5'6'' and 165 pounds or so. Right now I just recently decided that football had got to serious for me and this summer I did not feel like being there at 7 AM every morning like last year. (I started about half the games as RB) This spring I ran track, our 4x100 team that I was first leg on went to finals, but did not qualify for states. With that said, I guess you could assume I am in pretty good shape, I still work out 3 times a week. But with all of the ab work I do, I still have that flab ya know, and not like a flat stomach and what not and I want to know what I need to do. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks everyone! :thumbsup:

A six pack stomach is genetic. You'll probably have to starve yourself to get that lean.

Really? Isn't there like anything in particular that I need to do in order to get that "lean" and get the look I want?

lol wow i never knew there was a thread about fitness on here.

do sit ups.

and dont eat junk food or drink coke etc.

Google the abs diet.It was created by the editor of mens health.It has excellent diet and workout routines to get your abs to pop out.

Spot reduction is a myth.

Spot reduction goes like this: "do thousands of crunches and your tummy will get flat". Right? Wrong.

That's not how it works. Men store fat around their belly first (women somewhere else, usually). Which means the fat appears there first and disappears last.

If you are overweight or have been overweight but still are slightly on the heavy side, chances are you have a fat stomach.

If you really really want a six-pack, of course you need to do some serious abs, but not thousands of crunches, but rather some sensible abs workout targetting all areas, in different range of motions, but most of all you need to reduce your body fat percentage.

Guys who are on the covers of magazines are around 15% body fat and under.

Most guys in good shape are actually in the 18-22% range. Under 17% you are athletic, over 22% you are overweight (well, it's of course a rule of thumb, exceptions apply).

Like somebody says, some people have less problems than others to be in the under 17% body fat range, because of their genetics.

For you (and for me) it will be very very hard to achieve this result, take a lot of work and dedication, eventually we will get there and stay there for a little while until we get back in the upper teens body fat percentage.


Get a scale that gives you body fat percentage and adopt a good healthy diet (emphasis on good as in yummy good), as well as a good healthy workout regimen (you know, 5 hours a week is FINE as long as it is done well).

Pick a target, like 20% and try to reach this goal. Do not get obsessed with the scale and take measurements once a week at the same exact time. You should be able to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week.

Once you reach the 20% body fat, you may want to go under, but you will see it takes some SERIOUS dedication, like 2 work outs a day and super-scientific diet.

Bodybuilders have these diets that they call cutting diets (usually low car, high fat, high proteins). Visit bodybuilding.com and lookup their forums. They have it down to a science.

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