Best way to Pinnacles from Temecula??

As the title says, we need to get there in a 36 foot RV so which way would be best?? trying to avoid as the much of the mountain twisty bits as possible. Anyone have much experience traveling there in a rig this long??

There are directions to Pinnacles on the trail map downloads:

Hwy 173 around the lake is still least it still was a couple weeks ago. That would normally be your best bet, but right now the only alternative is to come in on Grass Valley Road. It takes you through some neighborhoods and some tight twisty stuff...there just isn't any other alternative right now.....

36 motorhome or 5th wheel behind a truck? MH would be easy. 5th would be OK if you're cautious and don't miss your turns (no good turn-arounds).

Like he said, Grass Valley Road is tight, but doable. Last time we rode there a guy rolled up in a new 30ft bumper tow WW. He unloaded SIX brand new Chinese quads and you know this guy was no expert with the thing. It appeared to be his first trip out with the whole rig. Take it SLOW through the neighborhood and it will be OK. Watch the turns too. It's not all that obvious which road you need to take and there's one turn left from Grass Valley onto Grass Valley that I've missed more than once. Study it on Google maps before you go.

Take the 18 out of San Bernardino, its much less twisty than the 330.

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