Advice - DRZ400 vs. Yamaha 225?

Anyone have input? Going to get a dual-sport, and looking at these two. mostly on road, some off. Anything else jump to mind I ought to consider? Many thanks.

I just picked up an drz400sm and the thing is awesome! I will be using it about 90% street and 10% dirt... so I also bought a spare set of rims and tires to make switching out for dirt riding easier. I was in the same situation as you and I am very happy with my decision. Its very comfortable, easy to ride, easy to work on/upgrade. Good luck, Im sure youll be happy either way! Where in CA are you?

I just went through this process. I bought the drz400s because of the higher speed on the highway. The downside of the drz was the seat height ( I had to get a Corbin). The Corbin did effectively lower the height. With a 30 inch inseam, I can touch the balls of both feet, but usually just put one foot down. A lowing link can bring it down to the height of the yammie. The additional power was the deciding factor in my case.

have you ridden a yamaha 225? i have ridden both the xt225 and the tt-r 225 (now tt-r 230) and the xt 225 is probably better compared to the suzuki dr 200se which is something that even my wife refuses to ride. the xt 225 seems like it is designed for 90% street and 10% gravel roads. so if that is what you are wanting to do then go for it. but with the lower seat height comes signifigantly diminished suspension capability. the tt-r 225 is a dirt only bike that i rode my buddy's when we were 13 so if that is any indication then you shouldn't buy a 225.......dare i say any yamaha?

The 225 is good for children with learning disabilities, as well as lawn mowing and trash hauling.

Seriously....What do you weigh? How tall are you? If you're just starting to ride, and/or you're not too tall or heavy, a TTR225 or a dual sported TTR230 or CRF230 might be the way to go.

have you looked at the klr-250? i like the looks of em alot more so than the yamees.

in the long run you'll wish you had purchased the DRZ400:cry:

I was in the same place as you also, I went with the DRZ due to my size (6-1, 230-ish), I am very pleased, I rode the 225 and it was a fun play bike in the dirt, but has nothing to offer on the street (for me anyway). Good luck with your choice.


you may also want to take into consideration that the bike in question that harjp1959 and myself agree is sub-par to say the least. just happens to be the best that yamaha has to offer in the line of dual sports so if i may quote my previous post... "so if that is any indication then you shouldn't buy a 225.......dare i say any yamaha?"

I've got both. The xt is hers.

They are both completely different machines. Like comparing a jet ski to a canoe. They will both float, but that's about it.

How tall? How much do you weigh? Do you see yourself doing wheelies and burnouts or riding to go get the sunday paper?

I've got both. The xt is hers.

They are both completely different machines. Like comparing a jet ski to a canoe. They will both float, but that's about it.

:thumbsup: Well said!


I looked at everything, MZ's, KLR 650's, BMW's Converted XR650R's and WR450's, Sherpa's, TW's and the DRZ was the best bang for the buck.

If you are made of money, the new KTM 450 enduro is great, but consider all the wrench time you will spend.

The only thing that can do what the DRZ does for close to the price is the new Kaw 450, if you can find one. Or buy an RMZ 450 enduro out of Belgium or the Netherlands. Even the new KLR 650 cant tough a DRZ with knobbies, unless you are riding to Alaska.

I think the DRZ is the way to go. You'll probably wish you had more umph on the road if you go for the smaller bike. Get the one that will satisfy you the longest and in the most ways. I had an xr250l, it was nice but I like my DRZ much, much better. The DRZ is a tall bike, that's for sure, but sometimes it's like a badge of honor climbing on! Just don't put your foot down on the low side of the hill or it'll be like... TIMMMBERRRRRR !! And it'll be the funniest thing your biking buddies will talk about all day. :thumbsup: speaking fom my own experiences LOL Good luck with your choice.

Alot has to do with what you weigh, how tall, and old you are. Or I should say how experienced you are.I rode with this guy and I tell you he does great on the Yamaha. And we went through some of the worst hell you could imagine. Plus 70 miles an hour on fire roads. Picture020.jpg

i have owned both bikes. xt225 is an awesome low speed low seat hight trail bike and good for around town but, suffers greatly from lack of power on the freeway even with the 6speed. the drz is a much more capable bike but is very tall in comparison and the DRZ has way more aftermarket mods available!:thumbsup: if you fit the drz, get it! with the XT i always wanted a little more!

i owned both and recently traded the xt AND a dr650 for the drz400. my xt was geared down which gave me confidence in the dirt but it made it tediously slow on the highway. then when i got the drz, i put a 14 tooth sprocket on the front and the guy i sold the xt to made his just about stock. then i found that i had trouble keeping up to him on the highway and the dirt!!! LOL. i just can't get my chit together. personally, for the kind of slow dirt riding i did, the xt was a perfect machine, IF you added a taller Corbin seat, which i did. it's so low. it was so relaxed and it had plenty of power for the dirt riding i did. the drz scares me a lot. i had one wreck on it and i'm sure i will have more. i put the 15 tooth back on but the bike cries out for a 6th gear. what was suzuki thinking, besides NOTHING! so, when it's all said and done..... i liked the dr650 the best of all. surprise surprise. but for you, i would recommend checking out the kawasaki 250 too.

I rode a Buddy's XT225(to small no power), then his XR650L he bought to get more power( he sold the 650 because it was to big for the trail riding he does- they call it the big red pig for a reason) and now he has a xr250 (not dual sported, he gave up) Now I have a DRZ 400S with the E gearing 14/47. Of all these bikes I like mine the best for all around versatility. I did like his xr250 but its not a dual-sport and its 5 times the bike of the xt225.

I would narrow your choices to the DRZ400 and KLR 250( or KLX which ever is the Dual-sport)

Go 400 if your a big guy or plan on riding the freeway

the 400 is light for a freewaybike yet heavy for a dirt bike.

Go 250 if your smaller or you never plan on Freeway 65+ MPH with traffic.

On these bikes anything bigger than a Honda accord in front of you will blow you around.

I bought my DRZ400 in Oct 2004 and commuted for a year on it before I bought a streetbike. My commute consisted of 70-75 MPH for 15 miles and 45-60mph for the last 10 miles. I also used it off road, so I upgraded to Knobbies. Not a fun commute @ 70. Converted it to a SuperMoto for the last 10 months of commuting. Logged about 4000 miles the first year and about 800 dirt.

My $.02

No question the DRZ will be more versatile & lovable in the long run. Another thing to consider aside from the displacement number is the quality of the components used, such as brakes, levers, shifters, suspension bits, etc..

I believe that this 255 you're looking at is around the same quality level of the TW200, just with the bigger wheels and slightly larger engine. I'd recently traded out my Yami TW200 for the DRZ, partially because all the components on it seemed of much higher quality. Though I only rode the TW about 2500 miles, I could see that the componentry was cheap and inferior & would have been wearing out before I was ready to upgrade. In my short time with the TW, it became apparent that it was not going to live through what I wanted it to do for me & that the DRZ was a superior, more refined design that came with better stuff.

I just recently sold my XT225 last Saturday. I sold it because I needed more power on the road. We can no longer jump trails without hitting some larger roads so the 400 was a better fit. The 400 is more versatile road and dirt in my opinion.

I think the XT225 is 70% dirt and 30% road- No roads over 55mph and stay up with traffic. It is lighter/shorter.

The DRZ400 is about 50% road/50% dirt- Will do in excess of 90-100mph when needed on the road and it will also do well in the dirt. Heavier/taller

I think you would be happy with the 225 for the first season, and then outgrow it and wish you had more bike. the power, suspension, brakes, and aftermarket parts availability make the DRZ the bike of choice for your situation. I know I love mine:ride:

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