cheapest place to buy a Yoshi full kit for DRZsm?

So where is the cheapest place that any of you have found to buy a Yoshi RS3 full kit??

I know the Thumpertalk store has a good price but i know there has to be something out there just a bit cheaper... i just can't find it.


damn that is cheap... one stupid question tho... if its for an s it will still mount the same as an sm tho right? im pretty sure but just wanna check... and another one is that i see most sights only have for like a 2005 or 6 but its still the same chassis and motor so that still will fit my 07 right??

Thanks guys!

potsnpans blt has got u the hook up far as i know should fit .just paid fity more 4 rs-2 from local dealer.u should jump on that

ebay u can get them for like 300

WELL got a jd jet kit and an RS3 full kit on the way! YAY!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

You wont find a Ti for 3 hundy. Maybe a stainless. Or just a slip on.

Broke down and got my stainless RS2 from TT. Gottta support the team. What's a few bucks between friends. Plus they price match.

TT store will match at 110% bringing the $627 at RockMountainATV down to $564 with free shipping and no tax. Just email them with the link to the site so they can varify the ad. I am not sure if you can apply a newbe 10% or a birthday 10% on top of that but if you could it would bring the price to $508!

yeah maybe i shoulda went for the TI system instead.. oh well I think i'll be pretty happy with the RS3 system.. CAN"T wait till it gets here. IM pretty sure i'll stay up all night to put the thing on and ride it the next morning if i have to!

TT match at 110% ?

If so then that last one would be around 360 bux!!!

Isnt the R3 yosh the same pipe for the E,S, and SM?

is there a discount code for the birthday discount? or is that really even a discount?


They knocked 29 bucks off so i think it was like 414 or something like that. Im tryin to get the newbie discount and the bday one if that even exists, i'll let ya know

I bought mine from JC Motors....Very cheap aswell

TT sent me a code for my birthday for 10% off. I used it on a $550 order. Saved $55.

I missed that one, My Birthday was June 20 and I used my Birthday bucks to order my RS2 :thumbsup:

Will they give me a 40% discount for turning 40? :thumbsup:

yeah i never got a birthday code... that kinda sucks but i got every thing RS3/ jd jet kit for 489 so im happy with that. Even happier that it'll be here saturday so i can slap it on then.

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