RMZ 450 road durability

How long would a Rmz 450 engine last on the road? How are the engines for durability? What are the gear ratios in the transmission? How hard are they to put on the road? I am getting tired of the heavy ness of my drz 400 and want a lighter, more powerfull, more up to date dual sport machine. Would the stock stator be able to power all of the lights and charge a battery? Thanks.

A 4-speed, close-ratio transmission isn't ideal for on road, without gearing it to the moon. Then you'll lose it's advantages off road. I haven't seen anyone that makes a light set up for them yet. I don't believe that the stock stator even has a lighting circuit on it. Hate to say it, but you're better off waiting for a updated version of the RMX (hopefully, down the road) or plating a WR, KLX-R, or CRF-X.

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