Oldtimers National at Washougal July 7th & 8th

I wanted to see if any other Husqvarna riders will be competing in the Oldtimers national event at Washougal this weekend. My son and I will be there with our HVAs. He is will ride a CR125 in the support class and I will be riding my WR/CR 250 in the 40 class. I know that Dave Scott, at age 85, will be competing on his TC 250. I saw him at the Oldtimers/Mt. View practice this weekend and he was riding great! In fact, I think he shared some roost with me once or twice! There will be 3 motos on Sat. and 2 on Sunday. It is a well organized event at a great track.


'06 WR/CR 250

'04 CR125

I have been kicking around the idea. Love that track. :thumbsup:

I can't make it this year, I know of a few Albertans coming down none are on Huskies though.

Are any Husky riders coming up to the International Oldtimer event in Alberta in August, our club has been busy getting the track up to snuff.

Make sure you post some nice, descriptive commentary for those of us who couldn't make it. Something like this would be nice:http://home.comcast.net/~dbweb1903/Washougal2007/wash1.htm

I love that track and can't WAIT to get back there.

Here's me, squidding along at the bottom of the big downhill jump:


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