moab trip

The moab trip sounds like a blast. I may be interesed in taking a trip out there. I was wondering how expensive it is and what the accomidations are like. I was also wondering how much to ship your bike and if it's a pain in the ass. I live in southern New Hampshire and am located next to a bunch of carriers, I just don't know what would be a good price to pay for shipping. Any info would be appreciated.



I live in Northwood, between Portsmouth and Concord. I shipped my bike via Forward Air, The bike shipment was $450 round trip to Denver. The departure point was out of Chelsea, Mass. Oddly enough, the trip out of Boston was higher than the return trip out of Denver. Your bike has to be sealed up in a box. I made a pallet, 40"w x 90"l x 48"t, then put sides and a roof on it. I made a stop for the front tire to sit in, zip tied both tires to the pallet, tied down the forks to the pallet and tied the bars straight out to the sides of the pallet for stability. The bike made it unscathed. The Denver office was gorgeous compared to Chelsea.

The riding was fantastic. It really helped we had seasoned veterans of Moab as guides. Bryan, Dougie, Jake and Kerry T. were the KEYS to our successful trip.

Feel free to call me for any questions, 603-942-7105. I am working 6 - 12's at work for the next 4 weeks. Sunday is my day off this week. I am home by 7:30pm work nights.


P.S. When shipping your bike, be wary of jokesters (aka: Jake) that may put a Harley box over your bike in Denver. It can cause your heart to skip a beat. Mine did! :)


99 WZ, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark/James, got forked by Pro Action, DSP airbox, PB Header, Stroker SX-1 SA, Thumper Rad Guards, Acerbis Hand Guards. Canada for 2001...???

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