Smoking clutch...

I have a 07' YZ450 that I bought new in late Dec. I'm now on my 3rd clutch kit! Has anybody had problems with smoking thier clutch. This is not my 1st 4-stroke abd I don't ride it like a 2-stroke. I adjust the clutch lever by the book (about 8mm of play). Something is not right?? It's starting to get expensive$$$$. Any help would be great!

Which oil do you use?

Try the GYTR Yamaha clutch next time. They seem to be a bit better. I go through about 2 per season.. but I'm just hard on clutches. Trying to break the bad habits though.

Which oil do you use?

I was using Golden Spectro in the first clutch, then went bel rays synthetic and I'm using Maxima synthetic with the current clutch. The current clutch is a barnett, thought I would try something besides OEM, but its ready to go with only 3 races on it!

None of the above oils should cause any problems. I've seen a CRF that ate clutches like crazy. The clutch boss was warped for some reason. The guy replaced it with a Hinson and the problems went away. If I where you, I'd check the pressure plate and clutch boss to see if one of the two is warped or damaged.

I just bought a used 2003 YZ450. It runs well but I am starting to hear a slight grinding noise when I let out the clutch in first gear. What are the early signs of clutch problems and what are the bad habits you refer to?

i dont know how bad it is but when doing a turn, ill come into it with the clutch pulled in in third and the dump it comin out. I might let it out a little slowly until i build my momentum just to ensure i dont stall, but i never slip it high in the revs just to build power.:thumbsup:

THen again, i really dont know how to ride a two stroke properly so hopefully i dont have any bad habits. I have 30 hours on my clutch trouble so racin but hard practicing.

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