S to an SM

Anyone know of any Supermoto kits (wheels, tires, brakes) other than the ones from Motostrano.com? I want to convert a 400S to an SM so i can ride with my brother (06' 400sm). Any replies would be great.


Kits no.But you can get everything you'll need thru the TT Store.Give 'em a call and tell them what you want to do.Don't forget to pickup a 41t rear sprocket for the street too.

You can also get all the stuff through Wheeling Cycle Supply.Call and talk to Forrest and tell him what you want to do.He's one of our sponsors and a wonderful guy to deal with.Many happy customers on this site.He rides a DRZ and stocks lots of goodies for them.


I got my setup for a bargain $1400 with used rotors and sprocket.

Search SM or Wheelset, we have put up parts lists many times.

If you like PM me and I'll tell yhou all about it.

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