12t sprocket

I ordered a 12t front sprocket for my 230. Can someone who has a 12t on theirs or has tried it ..tell me how the gears differ from stock gearing?? like is 1st a shorter ggear?

It does make 1st shorter yes. WHen I put mine on my 250 it accels alot faster. You will have to switch alittle more often but to me it was worth it. it pulls very hard.

How much will it decrease my top speed?? and do u find that ur gears are alot shorter?

will the 12t sprocket add snap to all the gears or just the lower ones :thumbsup:

it did to all on mine....yes all are shorter but I have 6 gears on my 250 and where we ride I dont ever get to hit top speed at all. Im lucky if I hit 4th casue the trails are so tight.

If I were you, i'd go one or two teeth up on the front. The 230's first is already un-usuable and it only gets better at third or forth, so id go one or two bigger in the front, or one or two smaller in the rear

but i have to shave off pieces of the sprocket guards ...and i cant find any part #s for those if i had to replace them

but i have to shave off pieces of the sprocket guards ...and i cant find any part #s for those if i had to replace them

Well go smaller in the rear its basicly the same. Bit more expensive though. Just remember I'm not telling you what to do haha. Just some advice.

how much will it decrease my top speed??

That gearing calculator i found said it will only drop it 5mph..heres the link to the comparison chart ....the 5th gear in the chart is my 6th and i didnt include my 5th gear......

heres the link http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=5897072

plz inform me if i entered anything incorrectly

Alright i finally got my 12t today..tomorrow is the day to test er out :thumbsup:

definetly let us know what you think:prof: :thumbsup:

I just tried it on the street.....:thumbsup: .....and i think it definately shortens the gears ALOT..... but i like it ...i can wheelie with throttle now...and it sounds a bit louder and more manly :thumbsup:....but for 15$ or something for the sprocket i think its a fun thing to try

....i wana try the 14 too.. when shifting with the 12t the bike tends to rock back and forth....im trying it on dirt tomorrw....ill iinform u guys later about the difference on dirt

im curious for someone to tell me wut it is like trying a 14t and a 12t?? has anyone done that yet?? or do most people just get one different toothed sprocket and keep it??

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