new 06 - have some questions

1. How do I check/change the spark plug? Do I have to pull the tank each time?

2. What's the best type of chain to replace the old one with (O-ring, X-ring, no-ring) and why?

Just got my new (used) 450 a couple days ago and I'm lovin it! Love this site too, learned alot already. Thanks in advance!:thumbsup:

have never checked the plug out of 4 years of having 4 stk. yes you have to remove the tank. we race mx so we use non o ring chane. i also have a 06 450f.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

thanks Thomas!

Would like to hear what others think about chains on these beasts!

FWIW, I'm a heavier rider at around 280 and would want whatever would be the strongest for my peace of mind! Between my weight and it's torque I'm giving my chain a workout!

What a great bike! It's nice feeling knowing you're on one of the best dirt bikes ever made! I've mostly owned 2T's during my adult life (mostly KX250's) and back in '93 I bought a new XR650L dual-sport, my only other 4t. The 650 had power but it was a tank to ride! The 450's more like my KX250's to ride. Nice!:thumbsup:

do a search on chains you will find plenty of information on what to run. I would run a D.I.D x-ring myself.

I think if you want lower maint. and higher strength you should probably go with o-ring or x-ring chains. My personal vote is for RK chains. I have an '06 too but I race motocross so I run a non o-ring chain. It makes me think I'm faster :]

rock on.

I have an '06 too but I race motocross so I run a non o-ring chain. It makes me think I'm faster :]

rock on.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

Without a doubt buy yourself an x-ring chain. My last ert DID chain only lasted 15hrs and my new x-ring chain has over 25hrs on it and I have only had to tighten it once.

Hey thanks for the responses. I've decided on a DID 520VT (t-ring type) chain; tensile strength and wear rating were right up there with their best O-rings and it's a narrower chain to boot - more like a std 520 (mine already slaps against my subframe).

Decided on Ironman sprockets as well. Spoke to them on the phone today; very nice and helpful folks there. Hopefully this will be a "bulletproof" drive system for the next few years.:thumbsup:

Another question, please.

Does anyone remove both bottom oil drain bolts during an oil change?

Why does the owner's manual tell you to do this?

I remove both bolts but I don't have any specific reason other than "That's what the manual said." I tend to be a little on the thorough side, retentive even, when it comes to maintenance but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people don't take both out. I even read the ENTIRE manual front to back. Hints of OCD...

at any rate.

rock on.

make sure to chk your oil screen:prof:

make sure to chk your oil screen:prof:

On my "to-do" list. Thanks!

Also, I did order a metal "y" water fitting from the '07KX450F for mine.

i use a regina zrh w/ironman sprockets....30hrs no wear yet

Use Tag sprockets with any gold 520 chain.

how i had a chunk of silicone in my oil and i heard thats whats on them hen you buy it

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