4 cylinder vs V6??

im 16 looking for a truck. like a ranger. i heard that there is not THAT BIG of difference between a 4 and 6 cylinder. i heard that since it takes more gas to get up to speed on a 4cylinder that it would be about the same as a v6. that sounds resaonable right?


If it was me, I'd stick to the two V-6's the Ranger could come with, the 3.0L and 4.0L.

The 4.0L will not be as fuel friendly as the 3.0L as you might expect.

If need a good balance of power and milage, the 3.0L is your choice, but if you plan and lifting it and running 32"-33" tires and such, the power of the 4.0L might be the way to go.

I'm not a fan of the 4 cyl, gutless.

I used to have a Dakota with a V6. It had to be flogged to hell to get out of its own way. The V8 got better gas mileage.

I'd think you would run into the same thing with the 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder. Unless you get the biggest V6 and then it might be worse mileage wise.

i heard the v6 mileage was closer to v8 on most trucks

I have a 3.0 v6 in my 2wd Ranger, things pretty good on gas and quick for a Ranger. Takes a good beating too.:thumbsup:

I've got an extended cab s10 and it gets close to 28 hwy (4 cyl), the 4.3l doesn't come close to that. Ford might be a different story...I don't know.

I have a '94 ranger with the 2.3L and a 5 speed, I have gotten up to 26mpg with all highway doing 70-75. My sister has a '98 explorer with the 4.0L and an automatic. She drives like an old lady and ALWAYS obeys the speed limit, but regularly gets 19-21mpg. Needless to say her rig has way more power. I think it all comes down to your needs, if I could only have one truck I would get fuel friendly six cylinder or even a small V8.

Depends what kind of truck and how much you are going to spend. If you are buying new, you will get crap for resale.

If you are buying used, you can get a pretty good deal because of ^^^!

If you're looking to spend minimum $$$'s and and just need something to get you around and haul a bike or two, go 4 cylinder. Run the truck for a couple years and upgrade when you have some more money and driving experience.

I started with a $500 ford escape (pony edition) and sold it 1.5 years later for $200. I hit into everything (not on purpose) and didn't care. Then I stepped up to a $9K Chevy Cavalier and kept it cherry for 3 years. At 16, you don't know how rookie your driving skills are until you hit something....and you will hit something!

A nice option in the 4C market is an older Toyota Tacoma. The engines run forever, they have good clearance for getting offroad and they have tough skins. They are also light trucks and the 4 is more than enough power to move it around.

If I were buying a Ranger, I'd look for one with a 3.0L V6 and a 5-speed.

i have the 4cyl but i have the one they put from 2001+.the older ones are a bit underpowered from what i understand. if you are looking at an 01+ id say go for the 2.3 Duratec. unless you will be towing or hauling a lot. then id say get the V6. if you could get the 4.0, gets like 1mpg worse but makes a lot more power.

my 2.3 with the manual trans can outrun a 3.0 with an automatic.assuming that the 3.o doesnt have a lot of mods or something.

BUT for hauling a lot the V6s are better because they have a lot fo torque. and my 4cyl makes all its power at like 4k RPM and up. it hauls a bike or 2, bed full of firewood, ect no problem. but it can be tricky to start on steep hills with a heavy load.

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