will running larger diameter fuel line affect performance?

well guys, this isnt exactly bike related, its more for my new toy, a stand up ski. anyways, the old fuel line was jjunk, dont even want to deal with it, went and picked this stuff up, but its a bit bigger than the older fuel line, needed to bigger to fit over the bulb on teh fittings, since it is not rubber like the old hose and cant stretch over the bulbs. so my question is, will i cause any harm by running a larger diameter fuel line, or should it be fine? i dont want to harm the engine, but if its sealed, does it really matter if its wider on the inside of the tube??

hard to explain, but i hope you guys understand me.

only thing i can think of is maybe u needa adjust how much air it takes in. with a half twist of the throttle ur getting a halftwists worth of air and more than a half twists worth of gas right?? maybe adjust it

If it fits over the nipples without leaking you're fine.

thats what i was thinking, the carb is still taking the same amount of gas richie, but the line is just holding more at one time, correct?

its stii drawn by a vacuam operated fuel pump and if u use rubber line u usally use 5/16 fuel line ...its zero problem...i ran my 550 supert stocker lik ethat for 4 seasons

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