How can I make my WRF street legal on a dime?

I don't want to invest in a Dakar or E-LIne kit, just trick it out so it is street legal.

Here in AZ we need mirrors, break lites, a horn and a plate holder, as far as I know.

I'd like to add some blinkers just for extra security.

I'm looking to do this on the cheap, no more than $150 if that is possible.

The kits cost between half and one grand, that's a lot for a little bit of dual sporting.


Just go to a motorcycle junk yard and get some old crap they have there. I doubt it will be over $75.

If you need to prove that you have a DOT headlight and tail light, you should upgrade your stator to handle the extra load. If you're handy with re-wrapping a stator, you can do this yourself. If not, save up for a kit.

If you just need to state that the lights are legal, then let your conscience be your guide. :thumbsup:

Brake light switch is about 18 bucks. Mirror is about 20 bucks. Your WR tail light is already dual filiament and wired (at least in the tail light harness) for a brake light. Head light is also dual beam but needs to be wired as such (a spade connector can be added to the existing plug quite easily. Horn is about 20 bucks, and a plate holder can either be purchased for about 25 or 30 bucks or made from apiece of scrap aluminum or thick piece of rubber (or you could just screw it to the fender if you don't have to have a license plate light. (B-D makes a bracket with a license plate light in it if you need that). The switch is the most expensive part...60-75 bucks new. Davidl9999 hit it on the head...go to a salvage yard and pick up a switch from a Honda XL or even a crotch rocket. They can be had (at least here in Cali, for about 20 bucks.

THanks, all. By brake switch you mean on the brake pedal or front brake? These are to be placed on the slave cylinder, correct?

You'll need both switches to be legal. They can actuate off of the levers.

THanks, all. By brake switch you mean on the brake pedal or front brake? These are to be placed on the slave cylinder, correct?

You can put the brake switch on either end of the hose, front or rear. It happens that the front one is better on the top at the master cyl (easier to route the wires) and on the master cyl for the rear (same reason as for the front). I believe you only need it on one brake, not both, even in Cali. (I know my 400 E/XC with the e-line kit on it only has it on the rear brake).

When I made my '03 WR legal I took a Baja Designs kit for an XR600 & made it work. Lots of rewiring, but not too hard. It only had the rear brake hooked up to the stop light.

I could be wrong though. I know I have a plate (California) on my KTM, and it only has the rear brake hooked up to the stoplight.

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