my new toy, not exactly a bike!!!!!

well guys, heres my new toy, its not exactly a bike, but its close enough for me.a bike for the water i guess. i've always wanted one, and i finally got it.

its a 1987 650sx that is completely redone, looks factory, and in great condition. have some running issues as of now, but i can get out there and ride it, just need to tune it in.

heres a couple pics





Sweet.. I've always wanted to try one of those out. I think they would be more fun than a seadoo because of the skill factor.

ooo, i forgot to mention how fun it is learning how to ride one of these things. its is the absolute hardest thing in the world for me to learn. just because i ride bikes it makes it that much harder. you lean like a bike, but your turn like a quad, the steering is just traght back and forth, and its very hard to get use to, there isno slant that the bars get to them, just the way they are unlike on my bike. o, and its the opposit, so it makes it kind of tough. i can fix it though with the switch of a cable. i plan on doing some mods to this ski though, id really like to get to the 55 mph area.

and these things take some muscle and skill to get up, and u need good balance. this is deffinitely more fun than a sea-doo thing, its like comparing bikes to quads(no offence) just it actually takes some skill to get good on it and be quick on it.

I miss my old JS550, I also had an X2 (650cc) made by Kawi, alot more similar to a bike, The bars were fixed, instead of being on the pole, & it was about the same size as a JS. Have fun man! Way better than a Sea-Couch!

It looks as if it has a ride plate already, (or someone painted the stocker.) The best money I spent on mine was a ride plate,impeller,& a finger throtle.

You already have a good spark arrestor. (air filter)

i would love to get one of those when I turn 16.The SeaDoo 3D is loads of fun and stand up is so fricken hard when you just begin but im learnin.Also how much did you pay?

Ridden them a few times in the past. They are quite difficult to master. And ya gotta watch the nads when trying to start out. Jet is in very bad location depending on your height.

Looks like fun. I've watched them go up and down the Ohio River but I've never gotten the opportunity to ride one.

I had that exact same ski, once you master ridding it they are fun, fun. I used to able crank it sideways while going wide open.:thumbsup:

yea, its running maybe 43 mph now on glass water, pretty slow but nothing i cant fix. was told id loose control at speed over 55 mph. anyways, it has an ocean pro ride plate, the filter, and some other thing here and there. the impeller on it is junk, it was grinded to try to be fixed by previous owner, but i think he just made it worse. but there suppose to make the biggest difference, and im about to buy one. i paid 1200 for it, and am really happy with it. putting new fuel lines in(just ordered a set of neon orange line), and some other thing in their. maybe a domed head, and some new hydro turf.i started to get the hang of it today, but turning i still dont under stand it too much, how exactly is it suppose to be done, i can do it, but not the greatest. very fun, iud reccommend ride on if you have the chance, its just a long learning exsperience.

After you get your balance use your feet to lean and the jet to turn, your going to have allot of fun on that ski I did.

those are badass, i tried to ride a 550cc one and it couldn't get me out of the water. i need one of the 1000cc bad boys!

nice ski

here's mine 87 650sx it has all the fun motor stuff


Shot at 2007-07-03


Shot at 2007-07-03


Shot at 2007-07-03

our rack when we didn't have a trailer or didn't want to tow one


Shot with SV-AV20 at 2007-07-03

nice ski, very nice ski.

do you mind me asking where you got the westcoast parts?

i looked for them earlier today but couldnt find anywhere to get the stuff at?

wow, flashback.

are those skis 2 or 4 stroke? i was thinking 2 but am not sure, thanks

are those skis 2 or 4 stroke? i was thinking 2 but am not sure, thanks

...they are two strokes

nice ski, very nice ski.

do you mind me asking where you got the westcoast parts?

i looked for them earlier today but couldnt find anywhere to get the stuff at?

the westcoat shop is like 20 mins from my house so that's where i got it. I have no idea where a guy would find them online. they are in newport beach ca.. maybe you could call 411 idno

yea, well im ordering a factory pipe, suppose to give the best performance gains. im just looking for a new domed head, and some new plug caps, thats all.

im redoing my fuel lines temporaily, and then after that im not sure what im going to do, i guess ride, lol.

btw people, on a ski, the pipes actually do add hp and major performance gains, unlike bikes where it is minimal, there are major power increases.

Pipes & waterboxes make a huge difference, but the waterboxes are loud!

It'll take you a few times to get used to it, you have to lean & turn, the farther you lean the tighter you turn. The first time I rode mine it took the width of the river to turn around! Also remember it wont do a thing unless your on the gas.

yea, i've been told the waterboxes dont do anything. they might give the slightest power gain, but its not worth the sound, not even really noticeable. pipes on the other hand give alot of hp, i guess the stock pipe is really restricting.

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