Valve spec range

I recently checked my valve clearances and I got the following readings:

.003-Right Exaust Valve

.009-Left Exaust Valve-.010 goes in but not completely

.005-Right Intake Valve

.005-Left Intake Valve

Can anyone tell me if these are in spec? I have never done this in my life cause its my first 4-stroke. My manual says .003 is in speck but is that the minimum spec or higest? My bike starts first kick and runs excellent BTW.

Leave the intakes. Reset the exhaust thats tight to .010 or .011

Do I have to buy a shim kit? Can I buy just a single shim? And as the previously posted I should buy a .006 shim to make the right exhaust valve .009 just like the left? The spec range in my manual says +-.003, that cant be right or is my valves off really bad?

Nevermind searched the form for an hour, Found a similar post:crazy:

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