Hey Monty, I need to ride.


I wanted to find out whats going on for Thanksgiving. I might be able to sneak away that week and ride. Since I missed Moab, I need to get in a trip somewhere. ALso I have been going to Sacromento and Reno for work, considering doing the drive so I can bring the bike can you clue me into where I can find the ride sites in these areas.


I think Bryan needs to have an area where we can post riding areas with directions, elevations, type terrain, conditions, time of year to ride, facilities etc. I know many states have an overview like oregon ohv areas on the web. Does Cal have this? or am I trying to reinvent the wheel?

Team oat meal sorry about the long retrun i just got back from las vegas and death vally.THANKSGIVING is at stoneyford davis flats i wiil post dict. and info in nov.

thanks monty

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