where to get a 150r motor ?????

besides buying a bike and ripping the motor out and buying the motor strait from honda does anyone have a source on where to get these motors ?? I have only seen 2 motors for sale since the crf150r came out. The reason why im asking is cause i race in a mini road racing club and the top class in mini road racing is the 85cc class. Ever since the crf150r's came out acouple of people have dropped the motors in to a road race chassi (honda rs125 chassi) and the stock 150r motors are beating up on the ported and bored 92cc 2 strokes ( i know, i know, the 92cc max cc is stupid but that how it is in most mini road racing clubs ). Anyone have a source for these motors ??

there have been lots of them on Ebay

really ?? i have seen one on ebay, but then again i dont go on there site everyday

they are going for about $1800+

You could try service honda or pr2 engines, I know theres a couple of companies here in Florida that mod and sell complete motors.

thanks ill check them out. Anyone else ???

Another option, buy a used bike off ebay take the motor and wiring etc. that you are going to need anyway and sell the rest of the bike (part out) on ebay and recover about half or more of your money.

BPM Racing Engines, George Babor, Brooksville FL. 352-754-2789

WMR performance Products, Lake Worth FL. www.WMR1.com

Good luck, I think buying the used bike will be your best option due to the fact that you will get the wiring harness and components too. 150R parts are a hot comodity right now too so you should not have any problem selling the rest of the bike!

I could possibly hook you up with a gentleman who after Loretta Lynns with have at least seven bikes for sale but I noticed you are on the west coast and were in Fl. and Ga.

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