Rim lock torque?

So I mounted my first tire today, (a stiff maxxis IT too!) without pinching the tube. Yeah!

How much do I need to tighten the rim lock (rear tire?)

Thanks, Bruno.


I couldn't find a spec for it in the manual, but the 'general torque spec' for an 8mm bolt w/12mm nut is 11 ft/lb. I'd say go for 15 or 20 at least. It's just clamping the tire to the rim, the tighter the better IMO, as long as you don't strip the threads out. The rubber of the tire provides a bit of a cushion, so you won't likely overtighten it.

BUT be careful not to really crank down on it. It is all too possible for the rimlock to flare the rim out.

Do it up tight, but not too tight, if you know what I mean... :thumbsup:

it will snap the threads off before it flares a rim either way thats too tight Snug with a lock washer and ur good.

I must have changed a hundred tyres in the last year alone mate, and I have seen my fair share of flared rims. It happens.

Tighten it with a good amount only using 2 fingers. Not using your arm to pull just use your pointer and middle finger. That is what Kevin Windhams tire expert said to do in his how to videos on transworld's site.

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