drz 250 ?

Will rm/rmz forks fit on this? Also will the rear fender work from an rm/rmz?

You would have to get a custom made triple clamp. But that suspension is totally wrong fore that bike... You would have to loosen the spring rates, and revalve the back suspension to make it even, or else the front end will be twice as tight as the back.

Why do you want those forks of a drz? like DR-Zking said, it would be completely off balance unless you did some serious work to the rear as well.

Plus, it would be like putting Porsche suspension on an otherwise stock Honda Civic... not necessary.

Agreed. As far as the fender, you would have to remove the bar thats under the fender to fit an RM or RMZ fender on there. The best bet would be to put a DRZ400 fender on there, but why would you want to do that? It wouldnt look right.

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