Got my new graphics and seat cover installed


It's actually ssupposed to be on white plastics but i didn't have the extra $100 so i put it on the stock ones. I think it's pretty cool. Oh and sorry for the double post

thats awesome, mdk has cool grafix



i like it with the red background, nice bike

I think I like this kit on red better...But white is kool.

i like the red. it gives it a unique touch, by the way SICK BIKE!!!

that looks so gets most of the sick graphics...wth


To be honest i like it with the red plastics better than the white ones.:busted:

Very nice bike you have there... want to trade me for my bike and a pack of bananas??? :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Ill even throw in a back of Big League Chew bubble gum... since you like to live life on the wild side:ride:

I like the red for a change! Everyone puts those on the white plastics, but your bike looks unique now. Very nice!

thats awesome, mdk has cool grafix


actually those are Face Lift Unlimited (FLU) graphics looks nice:thumbsup:

actually those are Face Lift Unlimited (FLU) graphics looks nice:thumbsup:

It's the same company. :thumbsup:

Anyways. I actually think it looks better on the red plasics than white plastics too. Now you are more unique compared to the others who use white plastic.

i think mdk is a race team and flu is the graphics, maybe they have a joint ownership kind of thing going on or maybe flu is the only one making mdk kits:confused:

Somethin like that. I know they have some sort of combining. Because when I went to look at there kit it was labeled Flu Grahpics. I think it says something on their site about it.

Looks great...

thanks, i did my first ride today and everything is still on. Didnt notice any peeling or anything so thats good

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