Honda XR650R aftermarket carburator?

I own a 2001 Honda XR650R uncorked and I'm tired of the problems with throttle response, jetting and idle, etc. I ride at elevations ranging from 500ft to 8500ft. I live at 3000ft. I want to change out my carb to either a Eldebrock 3115 or Mikuni 40mm pumper. Who has each and what do you think is a better choice? Doesn't the Eldebrock have external adjustments?

When I posted this, similar posts came up and my questions were answered. If there is still any feedback about the Eldebrock that would be appreciated.

I ran the Mikuni from XRsOnly for the XR650R. The jets were a pain to get for tuning and I didn't like it. I went back to stock. My guess is that the Edelbrock is better. Try to get a newer one as there was some float problem (I think) with the older ones.

The mikuni has less top end power than the stock carb.

Thanks, I think I'm going with the Edelbrock. It sounds like it has great features and will solve all the problems the stock carb has. Why Honda hasn't resolved this is a mystery.

Yo I asked the jetting expert about changing the carb on my XR650 and I sugested a fcr 39 from a ktm and he said that a 41 fcr would be better. But guess what they dont fit as the cables are on the wrong side and the tank wont fit, so be very carfull what advice you take. Chris.

You just rout the cables down the other side, very easy. The fcr 41 (non-MX) is actually a pretty good fit for the xr600r and the xr650l. You can get them from Sudco, but you must specifically ask for the model with the choke, or you won't get that option. Be sure and tell them you need the adaptors and cables for your bike model/year.

My son has the Edelbrock on his 650R, it is a huge improvement over the stocker plus virtually no need to rejet for varying altitudes, just use the external adjuster for extremes.

The eddie is great, as mentioned, an external adjuster on the top of the unit.Throttle response is much snappier and 2 whacks of the throttle and 1 kick she's fired right up.......:thumbsup:

i use the non-choke fcr 41 pumper on my L. i get better fuel mileage, and better throttle response as well as bit more power. zero starting or any other issues!

i've had my eddie for about 4 months and i love it! i had a problem last week with the ball bearing on the gas inlet getting stuck but cleaned it out and was great! insane throttle response and no flooding!!!!!! the external adjuster is cool but i still have to take the tank off to mess with it but i only had to do tht once.

if your ever in southern california i can meet you and you can check it out you will be impressed

We have three XR650R race bikes running the Edelbrocks with no problems at all for baja. All of our prerunners are using stock carbs, again with no problems.

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