Tight Valves?

My sons 150R was having a hard time starting and once running was boging real bad. I had his bike looked at and was told by the shop that the valves were tight. They made some adjustments and it seems to start and run fine now. I was unable to talk to the mechanic that worked on it at the time. I dont know what would cause the valves to get tight.

A little help!

Valve clearances tight, that seems unlikely honda is better than that. The only way they could be too tight would be the valves or valve seats are wearing and the valves are further into the seats than when new.

The bog issues are all carburetor related and are easily fixed just check out any of the jetting or bog related threads.

But this does raise some questions, how old is the bike? and have you had the updated camshaft installed?

The bike is a 2007. I had the cam shaft done about 3 weeks ago.

Thats good that the update has been done, due to the weakness of the valvespings and the softness of the original cam they tended to wear all the components in the cylinder head out prematurely. How long was it ridden before the update was done? that could explain the tight valve lash. When you had the update done is that when you were informed of the valve lash conditions?

The bike had about 30 hours on it before the cam shaft was changed. I was informed about the valves about 20 hours later.

do u clean the air filter and oil after every ride the main cause of valve failer on crfs is dirt/dust getting through the air filter and being embeded into the valve seats by the valves. then the dust/dirt sands down the hard coating on the ti intake valves causing them to be sucked into the seat and loosing clearance. so basicly withen the next 5-10 hours maybe less maybe more it'll happen again and you'll have to have the seats and valves changed. staying off the rev limiter helps valve life some too imho.

good luck keep us posted

carlos 752h

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