Need some simple welding done......

Anyone in the area of Portland or surrounding areas with a welder that's willing to help me out? I've got a little 1-rail trailer I made when I still had a welder but I've realized it's just not strong enough. I need to weld on some braces to stiffen it up. It's my POS "I temporarily don't have a truck" trailer so I'm not too worried about jaw dropping looks or perfection. Just function.

I'm willing to pay for your time, I pay in beer or cash, pick your poison. Drop me a line if you're interested in helping me out!!:thumbsup:

I'm a little ways away, but if you get it all set up, ie pieces cut and fitted, metal cleared of rust and paint, tug it up here, I will "glue" it all up for you. I have a 220V MIG welder, some torches, chop saw, hand grinders, bench grinder...

I will do it. Im In Gresham...give me a call (971)506-4948

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